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I see Just Flight are now about to make one too.


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Wow! That was quick.  Must have a play tomorrow.
Tonight at our regular Tuesday Cix VFR Club meeting at Gloucester, we tried
a 3-ship formation of
Tigers for the first time.  (FS9 of course) We only flew echelon line
astern, but did a line astern
take off and landing successfuly. Curiously each of us flew a different
Tiger - one JHB, one Bill
Lyons and one by Warwick Carter with a very garish (to me horrible) cockpit
and panel.  We each
tried to sell ours to the others, but with some amusement realised that we
each prefferred a
differnt one.  How English. <g>
There'll be a couple of pictures on the web site by the end of tomorrow. P

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