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If the gauges are the old GAU type then I thought these were not supported
in FSX. I know that XML gauges don't have to be zipped up in a CAB file but
this helps - otherwise you just get a load of XML and BMP files in the panel
folder with no idea which bitmap relates to which gauge.

The Airbus EHSI may very well be in a CAB and a quick check in Explorer
should show you the contents of each CAB file - or simply look at the gauge
listing in the panel.cfg file. If you do the latter the cab and gauge names
are separated by a ! so banana!marmite indicates an XML file called
marmite.XML within the banana.cab file.


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Now for another one.
I've downloaded an ATR42-300, for FSX. Having loaded it, if you choose
to reload it, or any other aircraft, then FSX does its disappearing
trick! Any obvious reason?

Also, when loading for the first time, you are prompted to say whether
you trust its non default gauges, one by one. Also advised that some
won't run, because they are "pre FS98", which I doubt.
Since I keep new aircraft's gauges in its Panel folder, it's easy to go
through them and put the unpopular ones into a limoesque folder. One of
them I just can't find. It's Airbus EHSI. Could it be the designer has
planted it within one of his .cab gauge files?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Do you have the option not to use the Add-On Scenery folder for your
>own stuff? I never used this in FS9 because all my scenery was on a
>different drive.
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>Since some of the farmstrips have unrealistic troughs running through
>them, when running the FSX Horizon package. What I'd decided to do was
>use the original VFR GM mesh when flying to or from strips. At other
>times I'd use the "more accurate" Horizon mesh.
>The easy way to handle the two mesh approach would be to have access to
>two saved Scenery.cf files. One would have been saved with one mesh
>active, the other version when the alternative mesh was active. Simple
>and an approach I've used in FS9 to control the volume of addon scenery
>But, getting to the point, when I look in FSX's Scenery.cfg file none
>of my addon scenery is listed, even though it works. Could it be that
>it activates all scenery folders sitting within the Addon Scenery
>I can't think of any other solution. Any ideas folks?
>Gerry Winskill

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