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  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 14:42:55 +0000

Hi Paul,

I've never thought of myself as a flash git but wh knows?

Anyway, reverting to Card control, instead of application control, and reducing AA to 2x, has availed me nought. I'm still flashing.

Since I've never seen this in any other location, it looks as though it must be induced by the Scotlight FSX. To be sure I disabled the three components and no flashing. I re enabled the Terrain and Landclass and still no flashing. Re tick the third and its back again!

There's something odd about the way this scenery is written as it takes considerablt longer to load to a field in its area than it does in the midst of my Horizon coverage.

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:

You don't want my spec.  Its starting to get a bit long in the tooth!
I'm currently running an AMD3200 with 2Gb Ram, 2 x 300Gb and 1 x 500Gb drives. It's the Nvidia 8800 GTS that is giving me a slight edge and the FSX frame rates. Having said that, mine's only the 320Mb version - bottom of the range but still £180 worth. There are also reported driver issues with this range of cards and DX10 (Nvidia are aware, revised driver should resolve them when issued, then FSX SP2/Accel. pack issues should go away). At some point over the next year I'll look to my next incremental upgrade, swapping out the mobo. processor and ram to No. 2 machine to improve that along the way. My general philosophy when upgrading is to look at the weakest component and deal with that. In my case it's now the mobo., processor and ram combo. so that's next when I can afford it. That reminds me, Gerry, your "flashing", it's apparently it's an AA problem, either turn AA off in FSX or limit it to 4X via graphics card settings. There's an issue in SP1 that wouldn't go beyond that setting without causing the flashing to which you refer. Paul

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    well if u look somewhere like dell tehn you will be looking at
    Crazy figures, id say these days i could bang a decent machine
    together for around 500 550 id have to have a look possibly less
    than that

    */Peter Dodds <pdodds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>/* wrote:

        Thanks folks. One for the PC after next, methinks.
        What (in ballpark figures) should I pay to have a PC built to,
        Paul's spec, and by whom? I have 7 PCs in this house, which is
        daft, so
        I'm thinking of selling 3 of them and invest the money in an
        FS dedicated
        machine that will load FS9 in less than 10 minutes and run FSX
        at more
        than 14-15 fps, with a drive big enough to hold all the
        scenery and
        addons and still be only half full, plus a second HD for linux.


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