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Peter -

My apologies!  'SLI' is an NVIDIA developed system which allows two of their
advanced graphics cards to act in parallel as if they were one super-card.
The technology is very much in its infancy but could be a way forward to
improve 'game play' with the current processor and MoBo technology.  I'm
using a 'dual-card# system but expect to see 'quad-card' usage appearing

I'm also very much in my 'infancy' (I wish) with regard to its use and I'm
scrabbling up a very steep learning curve.  I am NOT a guru in its use yet,
but I'm working on it ...


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Um - what's SLI?


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> Although I am still working on it, current impressions are that FSX 
> SP2,
> with DirectX 10 preview ticked, is working fine on my Core2 Quad, 
> 2GB
> Corsair, dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS under SLI.  Looks promising 
> <G>.
> M.
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> Peter
> I would add, that I am using a clean FSX plus SP1 installed clean.
> SP2 was added to above, with minimal scenery/aircraft addons in 
> situ. And some CFG tweaks.
> GenX, is currently still on the shelf, waiting for me to upgrade my 
> machine.
> The fact that his system was also affected points to something 
> other than SP2. But I could be wrong.
> Basically, a clean install of FSX+SP1+SP2, before anything else. 
> And there should not be any problems.
> This iss noted in the forums etc.
> FF 

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