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If default FSX AI aircraft this would surprise me - unless MS forgot to
convert the textures to DXT5.


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Anothe observation that I forgot to mention is the AI aircraft. They
have the dodgy black appearance until either close or Zoomed in upon.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

> Out of curiosity I assembled the bits from the GS Ronaldsway, that I'd
> put into store when staying with yours, into a GS IOM scenery.
> Although most of his buildings appear, bearing in mind his doesn't
> have the coverage of your own, some of them seem to have faces
> missing, transparent, or displaced. I think he said this might happen.
> Otherwise it was the same as yours, with valleys between runways and
> taxiways, and the rest of the site.
> Gerry Winskill
> Bones wrote:
>> When I said my scenery wouldn't work in FSX I really did mean it. <g>
>> In truth I expected the lighting gantry and the glidepath aerial to
>> appear but nothing else on the airfield. If KWC is there I'll bet it
>> isn't mine
>> - MS
>> previously creating this as they thought it was a hangar rather than
>> a public school.
>> I know that our flatten commands no longer work and probably not the
>> excludes either. Going further round the island my guess is that
>> Jurby and Andreas won't be visible but the trams, follies and
>> lighthouses may be. I
>> doubt the lighthouses will be generating a sweeping beam any more.
>> On a more serious level I doubt my revised IoM coastline now works
>> and any
>> add-on terrain will again be truncated where it meets the default FSX
>> coastline. Whether this is as bad and as offset as the FS2004
>> coastline I
>> can't say but I doubt it will be very accurate. You can see why scenery
>> designers are tearing their hair out..
>> The FSX flight model isn't better than FS2004 but it certainly is a
>> bit different. I think initial reports that it has been dumbed down
>> again may not be quite correct but the answer will come when the .air
>> file tables are
>> looked at more closely. What we do know is that the flight model
>> isn't any
>> better than FS2004 because there are no new flight tables. Stall and
>> spin
>> behaviour are still off the menu because FS still treats the whole
>> wing area
>> as one surface rather than two. That is why it is impossible to have one
>> wing stalled and the other still flying - the prime requirement for a
>> spin.
>> bones
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>> The Bones' Ronaldsway produces a Curate's Egg reaction in FSX.
>> Although hangars and King Williams are present, none of the terminal
>> buildings are present. Enabling IOM Alpha clearly disables a few of
>> the Deault field's flatten commands. The introduction of 'umps and
>> 'ollows makes the field unuseable. It also shows that the FSTerrain
>> I'm using is a bit wide of the mark, in this area of the Island.
>> I'll have a look at the GS version, later.
>> I get the impression that, for light aircraft at least, FSX handles
>> the flight model better. Flying my much modified APM20, from FS9, I
>> can set a stable cruise speed and altitude, quite easilly. Better
>> still, it can be set up on finals in a way that just isn't possible
>> with this aircraft, in FS9. Once the speed has been set up and
>> trimmed out, the rate of descent is easilly controlled using just the
>> power settings. Cahanges of power produce changes in ROD and also
>> slight changes in attitude. I can even set up the correct short
>> finals speed of  65kias, which I'd tried to get for FarmStrip use, in
>> FS9. I seldom managed to achieve it.
>> One strange reaction, with this FS9 aircraft, is that running Instant
>> Replay, in Spot View, the 'plane hops about in the way we used to see
>> in the early days using Rory's server.
>> Gerry Winskill

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