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The bitmap problem is tied up with the Alpha channel as this has increased
from two to 256 colours. This makes the earlier bitmaps too aggressive but
they are now mapped to transparency rather than reflection. A quick fix
would be to remove the Alpha channel completely.

I can see FSX becoming a scenery designers nightmare. So much for the
backward compatibility.


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Out of curiosity I assembled the bits from the GS Ronaldsway, that I'd
put into store when staying with yours, into a GS IOM scenery. Although
most of his buildings appear, bearing in mind his doesn't have the
coverage of your own, some of them seem to have faces missing,
transparent, or displaced. I think he said this might happen. Otherwise
it was the same as yours, with valleys between runways and taxiways, and
the rest of the site.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>When I said my scenery wouldn't work in FSX I really did mean it. <g>
>In truth I expected the lighting gantry and the glidepath aerial to
>appear but nothing else on the airfield. If KWC is there I'll bet it
>isn't mine - MS previously creating this as they thought it was a
>hangar rather than a public school.
>I know that our flatten commands no longer work and probably not the
>excludes either. Going further round the island my guess is that Jurby
>and Andreas won't be visible but the trams, follies and lighthouses may
>be. I doubt the lighthouses will be generating a sweeping beam any
>On a more serious level I doubt my revised IoM coastline now works and
>any add-on terrain will again be truncated where it meets the default
>FSX coastline. Whether this is as bad and as offset as the FS2004
>coastline I can't say but I doubt it will be very accurate. You can see
>why scenery designers are tearing their hair out..
>The FSX flight model isn't better than FS2004 but it certainly is a bit
>different. I think initial reports that it has been dumbed down again
>may not be quite correct but the answer will come when the .air file
>tables are looked at more closely. What we do know is that the flight
>model isn't any better than FS2004 because there are no new flight
>tables. Stall and spin behaviour are still off the menu because FS
>still treats the whole wing area as one surface rather than two. That
>is why it is impossible to have one wing stalled and the other still
>flying - the prime requirement for a spin.
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>Subject: [jhb_airlines] FSX Ronaldsway and Flight Model
>The Bones' Ronaldsway produces a Curate's Egg reaction in FSX. Although
>hangars and King Williams are present, none of the terminal buildings
>are present. Enabling IOM Alpha clearly disables a few of the Deault
>field's flatten commands. The introduction of 'umps and 'ollows makes
>the field unuseable. It also shows that the FSTerrain I'm using is a
>bit wide of the mark, in this area of the Island.
>I'll have a look at the GS version, later.
>I get the impression that, for light aircraft at least, FSX handles the
>flight model better. Flying my much modified APM20, from FS9, I can set
>a stable cruise speed and altitude, quite easilly. Better still, it can
>be set up on finals in a way that just isn't possible with this
>aircraft, in FS9. Once the speed has been set up and trimmed out, the
>rate of descent is easilly controlled using just the power settings.
>Cahanges of power produce changes in ROD and also slight changes in
>attitude. I can even set up the correct short finals speed of  65kias,
>which I'd tried to get for FarmStrip use, in FS9. I seldom managed to
>achieve it.
>One strange reaction, with this FS9 aircraft, is that running Instant
>Replay, in Spot View, the 'plane hops about in the way we used to see
>in the early days using Rory's server.
>Gerry Winskill

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