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  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:35:07 +0100

I've tried again and, after spotting two pitfalls, succeeded.
First show stopper, on the Horizon site, was the acceptance of conditions box. I hadn't ticked it 'cos I hadn't seen it. Location is at the top of the page, rather than the more conventional spot near the bottom.

Having got beyond that point, to confirmation of order, I spotted why the cost was so high. The Horizon site seems to be set up with one of the USA sceneries, in which I've no interest, already in the basket!
Once spotted it was easy to delete it and get back to the more reasonable £73 ish.

Anyone placing an order should keep an eye on this, since I most certainly didn't opt to purchase the USA product.

All's well etc.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Gerry -

Mally has just posted on UKScenery. He sounds much more upbeat than he
has in the past <g>.  Suggest a PM to him to help sort out your
purchasing problem <mally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, he has always been very
helpful with things like this in the past.  The news re Shep is
encouraging BTW, must have given him quite a scare ...


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Something odd here!

I tried to order the set, from Visualflight. Having odered
the full set,
VAT and delivery were added, to bring it up to £90. Quite a
bit higher
than the discounted £70 listed and I have to wonder whether
the number
of business buyers justifies quoting prices ex VAT. It definitely
misleads on price.

Anyway, the purchase fell through because it kept sending back my
completed credit card details page, with the slots emptied
and a request
to fill in the missing details.

I don't need to buy it badly enough to waste time with a
system like that.

One sale lost.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Just Flight have now released a demo of their photo scenery

for FSX. General

comments from the Visual Flight users is that it's hopeless

- nowhere near

the quality of the Horizon version. It is also more

expensive at 100 quid

for the 4 part DVD set.

Horizon are releasing their Generation X DVD set as a three

parter at 30.00

each or 70.00 if you buy the full set. If you really want to

do the nice

thing buy the set through Mally's web site so he gets some

revenue from it -

http://visualflight.info/products/vfr-generation-x If it had

not been for

Mally we would never have seen photo scenery in the first place. It's
criminal that he's been totally sidelined for this FSX version.


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