[jhb_airlines] Re: FSX Official Add-On Acceleration

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 10:02 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

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> *Date:* Tue, 6 Nov 2007 20:22:09 -0000
> Paul
> I rechon you must take the golden globe for that.
> Don't think any one here can top it.
> FF
Yep  I reckon.

The best extra curricular activity I can come up with was (being
interested in minerals) was to actually extract some lead from galena.
The Chemistry teacher wasn't interested and it was the physics teacher
and i who did it. I got the galena from an abandoned lead mine near
Kweswick (it was Keswick School).

The commercial process is to oxidise it in a furnance with excess air  to
convert it from the sulphide to the sulphate from whence it is reduced in
the furnace at a higher temperature in an oxygen free atmosphere to
dissassociate it into lead and sulphur dioxide.

We hadn't got a furnace, so after we had ground up the galena in a pestle
& mortar we dissolved it in concentrated nitric acid to make lead nitrate.
When dried, the crystals were heated with charcoal in a crucible.  When
we poured the lead out it was if we'd made gold!  Kids wouldn't be
allowed to do that today I'm sure.

I still have the lead medallion we made - 47 years ago! My wife says I
collect junk - I don't - I collect memories.


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