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OK if we're really going back then the first computer I used would have been
in 1972.  I was still at school in Sandhurst and we used an early modem to
connect a PDP8E at our school to the mainframe at Reading University.

We wrote a programme to predict the top 20 chart singles. We were fairly
accurate until Gary Glitter went straight in at No. 2 with Rock And Roll
(Parts 1 & 2) - we didn't count on rapid sales leading to new entries at the
top of the charts!  All this was entered line by line on a tele-prompter,
sent over a 100 baud modem to Reading Uni. Where it was processed and we
received the result a few minutes later on the tele-prompter.

As extra-curricula activity, a few of us then worked with a student teacher
(from Reading University naturally) and the headmaster to build what we
called DAMSEL.  It was basically an electronic binary calculator.  DAMSEL
stood for Division Addition Multiplication Subtraction by Electronic Logic.
We effectively made the logic gates and connected them up so that we could
input two binary numbers and either add, subtract, multiply or divide one by
the other.  The input was a row of toggle switches with lamps above each,
with a rotary switch to select the operation and an execute trigger.  The
result was shown on a further set of lamps.  All very basic by todays
standards but we were actually guinea pigs for the original IT curricula.


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I had an Oric 1k memory a tape loading system that didn't work at the
1200baud rate, only at the 300.  I wrote a word processor for it in 6502
machine code (it was too slow in basic).  Yep.  men were men then! <g>


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