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Funnily enough I ran FS4 on this PC a few weeks ago from the floppy. I
expected the crude graphics so they weren't a shock to me - in fact rather
familiar and forgotten friends really. It was the sound that jarred - that
horrible dittering noise from the PC speaker like a blunt beaked woodpecker
on acid.

I still have FS5.1 too but that won't run. FSFW95 is OK though - as is FS98.


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Still got my 1st sim -- FS5 on 2 floppies to run on DOS.Being comp
illiterate I couldn't understand why it would work on my daughter's 1st comp

but not on her next upgraded comp which was using an upgraded system so I
was grounded  until I got my present setup to run FS2002.At least I did make

a bit of progress. Fred
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> Next thing you'll be telling us is that you never had a ZX81..
> Bones
> Me, I did, and a Dragon 32 and 64, and to cap, I paid £100.00 for
> 4*1mb
> sticks to upgrade my 486DX to 8 megs!!! and it ran FS5.0 upgraded to 5.1
> on the new shiny CD. Wow
> FF
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