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I think I still have a copy of DR-DOS somewhere.. I definitely have DOS5.1
on three floppies..

Like you my first PC was a direct result of us getting Compaq 386's at work.
After hacking the system and installing FS4 on it <g> a purchase was
inevitable but by the time I could afford one things had moved on. My first
PC was a 486 DX4/100 from Dan Computers (I wonder what happened to them?)
and it turned out to be the only PC I ever bought. Subsequent upgrades
evolved into rebuilds and I'm still doing that now.

Remember when 4Mb RAM cost 120 quid? <g>


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> These days, hardware development is way ahead of software, I can
> remember when software drove hardware development, yes I am showing my
> age here.

I'm not sure that I agree that H/W dev is now way ahead of S/W.  This is
certainly true when it comes to the much neglected FS but the S/W developers
writing gaming S/W for the great unwashed masses are more than capable of
keeping up with H/W developments (S/W development is a LOT cheaper than H/W
development of the sort now needed) and the H/W developers are still finding
it difficult to stay one step ahead (as they always have done!).

> Do you remember when the DOS OS came on a 5 and a quarter inch
> floppy?? even the first Windows came on a few of the latest 3 and a
> half stiffies. I do.
> These days, it is a couple of DVDs or more uugh!
> Enough.
> FF

Ooooh, don't get me started down that road or I'll start reminiscing about
my 1967 experiences with an Elliot 803
(they were very proud of their 'portable' version which fitted in the back
of a Landrover), or of writing and debugging huge proggies in Fortran IV and
being able to visually read punched tape, or clandestinely getting a huge
Hewlett Packard 2116B mainframe to play Xmas Carols in 1970, or buying an
HP-35 calculator in 1972 and an HP-65 in 1974 (still got it!), or using a
DR-DOS OpSys on a 286, or laboriously writing in Cobol, Basic and Machine
Code or buying a Compaq 386 (for my Company) that cost GBP8000 in 1986, or
struggling with the really early versions of Windoze, or wasting a grand on
a RISC cored BBC Archimedes box of rubbish, or, or ...


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