[jhb_airlines] Re: FSX Official Add-On Acceleration

  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2007 10:40:57 +0000

I just read something to this effect on the Horizon Forum, where non Default addons are untextured...........

Another significant step back for mankind! Hope you manage to get back to pre SP2.

Gerry Winskill

Alex Barrett wrote:

Quite simply......don't

I bought this purely for the "DX10 Preview" mode and the fact it includes the FSX SP2.

Installed it, run it, can't see any external views, the VC's transparent windows are no longer transparent, gauges don't work, sounds don't work.

Switch to a default aircraft and all is fine....just not any add-ons! It seems to be that it only accepts DDS textures now, and pre-2004 code just messes up.

I've been trying to "Fix" my install since I bought this pack on Friday, but to be honest I'm getting nowhere.



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