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FSX in 3 Words?

Sweet and Sour.... 


More and more you are giving me reasons, for not wasting my money on FSX.

I am still of a opinion, to stick with FS9, until the dust clears, in fact, 
Linux and Xplane is beginning to look a better option.

Frank F
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  Carl Edwards response to the Taylor Blog

  Carl is probably the leading artist in FS scenery alongside Gary Summer. He 
is responsible for Fairford, London, Farnborough etc

  "For the last 10 years or so, Graphics Artists have just been waiting for 
Games to catch up...we've been using bump, specuality, reflective and light 
maps for a damn long time in films, renders and TV work..........and the funny 
thing is, you get used to it.....it doesn't change.......an Alpha Channel 
Transparency 10 years ago, is still an Alpha Channel Transparency today......

  Yet in FSX, even these simple things seem to be broken......where a tree in 
the background, will "draw" IN FRONT of the tree in the 
foreground?????????????...ain't much I can do about that...lol. But it gets 
worse........even the single Tree on it's own has sorting issues, with 
"branches" at the back of the tree, showing up in front of the tree like some 
bizarre impossible 3D drawing....???(I'm not talking Autogen here, but MAX 

  There are so many issues like this with FSX it makes my head hurt....what has 
worked for years, all of a sudden creates utterly bizarre visual artifacts? And 
with such simple things a 2/8 Bit Alpha channels?......

  Then of course there is the backward compatibility issue.......people have 
spent THOUSANDS of pounds building their sims..........and I think the sim 
community is going to be severely tested with respect to "starting again" with 

  I mean,...when FSX I comes out, is everything going in the bin again?......I 
think Microsoft should address these concerns, and you can bet your arse that 
I'm not going to build London a 3rd time.....

  I think I should get a job at Microsoft, and stick a boot in their 

  Don;t get me wrong, as I stated at the very beginning, I think FSX promises 
great potential, and we're already seeing visuals that blow FS9 out of the 
water.......but good grief, we're trying to simulate a planet here...and it's 
not like a team of people can keep re-building it every 3 years......if MS want 
a "Digital Planet", then they better make sure that both the old stuff, and the 
new..."work".....and at this point, neither of them do in FSX.....not properly 

  S'a good job they just make a Flight Sim, and not real planes....I mean, 
would you get on a plane if they said "Well, it's a bit late to market, and we 
could do with ironing out some issues, and we're not quite finished with the 
testing, but hop on board.........lol.

  My Arse, I'll take the Bus mate...........I think they need a reality check 
to be honest, and I'd love to give 'em one......

  This is not new news mind you, myself and other developers were saying this 
long before FSX hit the street.....so if we knew it wasn't ready, then I'm sure 
they knew it too.........and Phil seems to say as much in his Blog.

  Very disappointing, and worrying to be honest....I mean, if we hack away at 
Farnborough and London, and find clever ways to get around the issues....and 
then in February, Microsoft comes out with a patch....does that mean what we're 
doing now, will have to be re-done...AGAIN???......very very frustrating 

  FSX in 3 Words?

  Sweet and Sour.... 

  Full Thread here
  < http://www.visualflight.co.uk/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6547>

  Kev T 


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