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  • Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 04:29:54 EDT

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I  honestly think it looks even more toy townish than FS9 default scenery
did.  Looks like they still have problems with tile elevations, the  default
texture is blurred as can be and this makes the autogen look  false.

I'd be interested in seeing the new Horizon photo scenery if  anyone has got
this yet - and whether it fills the holes in at Teesside and  Humber. That's
assuming a decent mesh is provided with the  product.

I'll be looking closely at Avsim to find out whether the  flight performance
has been degraded  again.


On my first attempts with FSX I've noticed more "sticky-ups", Oxford has  
some colleges and London looks to have more buildings than before, also flying  
over Oxford the autogen buildings seemed more dense, looked more like a town.  
Frame rates on my 3 Gig machine seem to be hovering around 13, which is fairly 
 jerky, at the installed default settings. I guess some experimentation is 
called  for here to get the optimum. A more powerful machine is called for when 
Vista  and DX10 arrive next year.
I'm tempted to invest in the Horizon scenery but I haven't ordered it yet,  
I'd like to get more pilot friendly frame rates first.
Frank T.

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