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FSNav forum for FSX

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Kev T

At 18:51 10/14/2006, you wrote:

What XML file is this then?
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I think this time scale will shorten, given that Pete Dowson has already cracked the .dll registry problem, and created the "Add-On" tab on the menu bar.

I'm not suggesting it will be easy, as its the scenery which has changed most, but I think most addon creators are chaperoned by him! In principle he has already "cracked" the outstream of position, height etc essential for smooth operation of Widefs.

I tried installing FSNav myself, in that all the .dll's that used to reside in the Modules folder, now simply appear in the FSX root. However - No joy!
After installing FSUIPC4 I transferred all the files to the newly formed Modules folder (as per 2004), again no joy, however I understand you need to hack the .xml file to "register" FSNav.dll in order that FSX can see it....
Of course FSNav would then be talking Taiwanese and FSX Chenchen scenery speaking, so no closer!

Anyone else think I'm rambling?

Kev T

At 16:26 10/14/2006, you wrote:
Having installed FSX, the first add-on essential for me is FSNav
Sad news from the FSNav web site -
The present version FSNavigator 4.7 is not compatible with FSX. FSNavigator version 5 is being developed, and is expected to be available mid-2007.
I expect to be getting lost quite often in FSX during the next few months!
Frank T.

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