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In respect of point 4, F9 takes you back to the VC.  Found this yesterday
when trying to bring up the kneeboard which used to be on F10.


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Er - How?
I have no menu option - and yes it is the de Luxe version.

Just flown from the Teeside airport-on-a-pit-bank (Gross!!) to Liverpool via
POL without stress,
1) You have to select the Light switches view to be able to close down the
aircraft (Cessna 172)
There is no master switch in cockpit view nor virtual cockpit view.
2) You have to switch the lights on to be able to read the radio displays,
which brighten up when
you do (should be other way round!!).
3) The OBS knobs work in the wrong sense.  Wind them clockwise to decrease
the bearing.
4) F10 is a shortcut key to switch to the 2D cockpit, but F10 again doesn't
take you back to the VC
- you have to use the menus.
5) Hit a thermal which would have lifted a jumbo.  Throttle closed I was
rising at over 1000 fpm.  I
n a CB maybe, but never in thermal, surely?
6) The help system looks bettr, but when trying to find out about how to
start multiplayer it was no
help because there are no screenshots, just verbal instructions.  "On the
multiplayer screen,
select..." but I don't have a MP screen, and I'd like to have seen a
screenshot to show what i
should be looking for.

I am getting frame rates of 20 once airborne.

There are definitely oddities, but I suppose we will get used to them! Must
install the VFR scenery tomorrow. Peter

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