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FSUIPC 4 is already out. ASv6 should be operational very soon. Not sure
about anything else.


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My sentiments Mike.
 From what I have seen and heard so far, I am not impressed. Add on the fact
that currently FSUPIC and FSNavigator will not work out
of the box.
FSX has, for the moment a thumbs down from me.
Xplane (Linux/Windoze) is looking more rosy.

Frank F

Mike Brook wrote:
> Alex -
> There's a lot of sense in what you say.  I will be letting you
> pioneering types sort it all out before I even venture close to a
> store selling FSX (& the hardware to run it <g>).  I will, of course,
> eventually concede that I have to bite the bullet but it will be some
> way in the long-term future.  Hardware spec & subsequent purchase will
> get the priority and FSX will then follow.  12 months seems the
> current likely timescale...
> MikeB
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>     Peter,
>     I've been using FSX for a good 2 hours now (bugger all in the big
>     scheme of things) but I'm slowly getting used to it. Sure, the
>     A321 rockets off the runway and will hit 340kts IAS with the gear
>     and flaps down at full throttle before you are over the other end
>     and I'm getting no more than 11fps on the ground at EGLL with the
>     default settings...
>     BUT I really do get the feeling that what we have here is an
>     incredibly powerful platform to build on. Out of the box for the
>     "hardcore" such as the people on this group it really is no good
>     at all bar some practice for instrument navigation (which it does
>     seem to have improved on) but give it 8 - 18 months and I think it
>     will be a true gem!
>     A few hours with a copy of FSX and an  open mind and I'm sure
>     everyone will agree.
>     Alex
>     Peter Dodds wrote:
>>     Collected a copy from Game this morning.  Either the last "de-luxe"
version on the shelves after a
>>     rush, or it is a non-event in the gaming world and they only ordered
a few.  there were about 10 of
>>     the standard version.  Currys next door had one deluxe and no
standard, din't wander down to HMV to
>>     check.  With the mass gaming world largely foresaking the PC these
days, I wonder if FS will
>>     continue as a mass market product for many more versions.  After all,
we put an 'X' at the end of
>>     abandoned runways!
>>     Mind you, it is about double the price of most "Chart" games
>>     Peter

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