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Alex -

There's a lot of sense in what you say.  I will be letting you pioneering
types sort it all out before I even venture close to a store selling FSX (&
the hardware to run it <g>).  I will, of course, eventually concede that I
have to bite the bullet but it will be some way in the long-term future.
Hardware spec & subsequent purchase will get the priority and FSX will then
follow.  12 months seems the current likely timescale...

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  I've been using FSX for a good 2 hours now (bugger all in the big scheme
of things) but I'm slowly getting used to it. Sure, the A321 rockets off the
runway and will hit 340kts IAS with the gear and flaps down at full throttle
before you are over the other end and I'm getting no more than 11fps on the
ground at EGLL with the default settings...

  BUT I really do get the feeling that what we have here is an incredibly
powerful platform to build on. Out of the box for the "hardcore" such as the
people on this group it really is no good at all bar some practice for
instrument navigation (which it does seem to have improved on) but give it
8 - 18 months and I think it will be a true gem!

  A few hours with a copy of FSX and an  open mind and I'm sure everyone
will agree.


  Peter Dodds wrote:
Collected a copy from Game this morning.  Either the last "de-luxe" version
on the shelves after a
rush, or it is a non-event in the gaming world and they only ordered a few.
there were about 10 of
the standard version.  Currys next door had one deluxe and no standard,
din't wander down to HMV to
check.  With the mass gaming world largely foresaking the PC these days, I
wonder if FS will
continue as a mass market product for many more versions.  After all, we put
an 'X' at the end of
abandoned runways!

Mind you, it is about double the price of most "Chart" games


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