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I had created a Modules folder before installing FSUIPC; which has aa autoinstall for this version. Since it's now sitting in my new Modules folder, I guess it would have created its own, had I not forestalled it.
Anyway, ASv6 works OK. It sounds as though the yoke problems are triggered by certain combinations of Antivirus and Firewall progs. Since the FS machine only connects, via the router, for MP and, when not in MP, for weather, I'm not using antivirus or firewall software.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Gerry -

I don't have FSX but understand that the Modules folder has gone the way
of the dinosaurs.  Active Sky 6.5 is advertised as being FSX
compatible - see the following from the ASv6.5 documentation:

New Upgraded Release: ActiveSky V6.5 with FSX support
ASv6 B533 – ASG B192
1. Added official support for FSX using FSUIPC v4 or later (you can
obtain FSUIPC v4 from www.schiratti.com/dowson.html).
2. Please read the FSXInfo.txt document for important FSX compatibility
3. Added support for handling of FSX-style flight plan files (.PLN).
4. Added new handling for certain areas where no METAR information
exists for over 500nm in any direction.
5. *Updated documentation to reflect new changes and FSX support.
6. *Added handling to prevent ASG submissions using FSX (ASG is NOT
compatible with FSX).


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First question. Where do modules lurk, in FSX? I want to try Autosave but have no idea where to place the Autosave.dll

Second. It probably says on the tin but I've missed it. Does
the latest
version of Active Sky work with FSX?

Gerry Winskill

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