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Gerry -

I don't have FSX but understand that the Modules folder has gone the way
of the dinosaurs.  Active Sky 6.5 is advertised as being FSX
compatible - see the following from the ASv6.5 documentation:

New Upgraded Release: ActiveSky V6.5 with FSX support
ASv6 B533 ? ASG B192
1. Added official support for FSX using FSUIPC v4 or later (you can
obtain FSUIPC v4 from www.schiratti.com/dowson.html).
2. Please read the FSXInfo.txt document for important FSX compatibility
3. Added support for handling of FSX-style flight plan files (.PLN).
4. Added new handling for certain areas where no METAR information
exists for over 500nm in any direction.
5. *Updated documentation to reflect new changes and FSX support.
6. *Added handling to prevent ASG submissions using FSX (ASG is NOT
compatible with FSX).


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> First question. Where do modules lurk, in FSX? I want to try Autosave
> but have no idea where to place the Autosave.dll
> Second. It probably says on the tin but I've missed it. Does
> the latest
> version of Active Sky work with FSX?
> Gerry Winskill

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