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  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 13:47:01 EST

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Engine failures are easy to replicate in any version of FS.
Never tried the glider tho, I believe that this has been addressed in FSX  
Did see an FSX site , that is collecting users adventures.
Will see if I still have the address.
Ah, Here it is
_http://fsxmission.com/live/_ (http://fsxmission.com/live/) 
You may have already seen it.

Thanks Frank.
The glider mission was good, it leads you to thermals, which you use to  
climb high enough to go through gates. You then proceed to a ridge to get the  
updraft, and then tackle more gates, then finally across to the last lot of 
(forget what its called), and a final set of gates. Then back to the starting 
 airfield, you need to use the spoilers to get down. Covered an awfult lot of 
 gliding know-how in just one mission.
Frank T.

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