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For a holiday brain teaser, for the .xml masochists amongst us, is it possible to allocate a keystroke to an .xml gauge? I ask because there's an effective Cargo door press button gauge that opens, for instance, the rear cargo doors on the EMB170. It does the same thing with the luggage compartment doors on the Tobagos. It would be neat to be able to open these from a spare Goflight button, as can be done with the main aircraft exits, by using GFConfig to assign a button to Shift + E.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

Having thanked people for their help, I didn't think I'd be asking for more, within minutes. Is there a key stroke that toggles between NAV and GPS? I do thic in FS9, using a GF button programmed to F11.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Is your NAV/GPS switch set to GPS?

Do you want me to tell you when BRT4326 is airborne or are you going to be
on your way to the airport? I should pick him up at maybe 500ft or so.


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I'm trying to get to grips with the Garmin GPS500, in FSX.
So far I can get it to follow a loaded flightplan only by setting the
headings maually, from the CTS readout, at the start of each leg. I'm
obviously missing the plot but can't see how.

Gerry Winskill

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