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hi Paul just to keep things right Mally had nothing to do with either product or I an sure they would have been right Tom----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul Reynolds" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Let's be clear here Gerry,

It's par for the course for M$ to issue it's products and wait for the
proverbials to be hitting the fan then before getting it's team to clean up
the mess claiming how wonderful they are, how responsive to customer needs

What they seem to have lost sight of is the initial impact often makes or
breaks a product.  If the feedback from users is it's sluggish, or is
riddled with problems then there's those among us who would have switched
will either not do so or will hold fire for some considerable time.  I
believe it's been rushed to hit a release slot but should have been held
until Vista and DX10 were out.  Having had to patch the Humber Bridge in
FS9, I cannot believe it didn't occur to someone to check if it was OK in
FSX so there's no excuse for the types of problems being witnessed at
Tyneside.  It's just shoddy and using the punters as beta testers is very
much in evidence. They'll gather the reports, group them together and then issue the patch. Meanwhile DX10 and Vista will be released and they'll tell
us all that the patch has been optimised to take advantage of the new
routines. In other words, upgrade your OS/hardware if you want to run this

I believe firmly that M$ is taking advantage and has made a token gesture of
backward compatability when the reality shows the product is not finished
and should only really be run on an as yet unavailable platform.

I also feel sorry for Mally, with the Horizon tie-in and with Just Flight
rushing to deliver a competing product he would have been under pressure to
deliver.  I suspect there was an element of using early buyers as guinea
pigs but then those early buyers are more than likely the hardcore
enthusiasts and therefore more likely to persist to resolve the issues.
With how the development of the FS2002 version went as outlined on this
list, I'm not surprised they've adopted that position, I would have done the

For me, I admire Frank T, Gerry, Peter etc.  I'll happily let you be the
beta testers and I'll probably reap the rewards when I eventually take the
plunge.  In doing so I'll no doubt get a cleaner install and, hopefully, a
better experience "out of the box".

Keep up the good work lads!


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I don't know that it would be as simple as Mally coming to the rescue. The
most glaring omission has to be Beta testing of the type we
performed, on Mally's scenery. They still really need it for any patches
they issue. If they stick with whatever Beta test crew and methods they
originally used, then I wouldn't be confident of the outcome.

I've found it difficult to refrain from being frank about my reaction to
the state of something I've paid £70 for. The one person who, on the
Forum, has expressed views similar to my own has been obliquely
attacked, by another punter, for being unreasonably critical. The
defence view that we should expect bugs is one I can't share. Nor can I
see how it's possible to lay the main problems at MS's door. After all,
the responsibillity for compatibillity must rest with the author of
third party addons.

BTW I found that introducing the mipmapbias=6 line produced unacceptable
twinkling. I've reduced the value to the 4 used in FS9 and the twinkling
has gone. Don't know whether definition is better, though.

I downloaded the UK2000 patch for FSX but don't think I'll go through
the hassle of installing it, since the buildings etc will still not be

Who said it was meant to be fun, anyway?

Gerry Winskill

Kev Townsend wrote:

I knew there could be no good to come of this product, having
short-circuited Mally...

I wouldn't be surprised if he himself came to the rescue ;-)

Good Luck

Kev T

On 11/22/2006 12:25:28, Gerry Winskill (gwinsk@xxxxxxx) wrote:
> Kev Townsend wrote:
> > FSX First Update
> >
> > < http://www.fsinsider.com/Downloads/ >
> >
> > Kev T
> With the update installed the inland lakes are still there! Now they
> also have a dark grey shimmer effect! Some of the native are now
> starting to get hostile and suggest they'll
> be sending the Horizon scenery back, for a refund.
> From what one of the punters says, the troughs that bedevil some of
> the Default airports weren't as bad before the Horizon scenery was
> installed.
> Gerry Winskill

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