[jhb_airlines] Re: FSX; First Reaction

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 15:06:36 EDT

In a message dated 17/10/2006 12:15:49 GMT Daylight Time,  
pdodds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

The 2D  cockpit is now almost disfuntional.  The W key has been assigned to  
displaying window 1 or 
not, but doesn't work in 2D mode, only every other  mode! and eyepoint shifts 
aren't possible I don't  

Somewhere there's an option to start in 2D mode, and I've selected this. If  
you fly the Cessna 172 for example, you get -
(a) A normal 2D panel (more panel then view!)
(b) An IFR panel
(c) A take-off and landing panel (more of a view than in (a))
(d) The 172 MiniPanel
(e) No panel, just the view
You cycle around these using the W key
Frank T.

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