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If you down to the bottom of the standard.xml file you will find the mapping
for all devices. Something like this:

        <Name>GoFlight GF-TQ6 Throttle

For some reason this is still on my system even though I uninstalled the


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I gave you duff gen I think yesterday.  If you save the default settings
using the Save button in
the control setting window, choosing your own file name, it will then be
found in My documents\Flight Simulator X Files\your_name.cfg.  This is a
text file which you can edit in the
way we are used to. However, it doesn't have the joystick settings in it I
discover this morning.  A
quick search and I can't find where the joystick settings are.

However I did discover that all the standard key settings are stored in an
xml file at C:\Documents and Settings\Your Windows XP User name\Application
Data\Microsoft\FSX\Controls called Standard.xml. If you "do" xml, it gives
you a much quicker way to configure the FSX key settings than within the
application itself.


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