[jhb_airlines] Re: FSX; First Reaction

  • From: Mr Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 17:22:26 +0100

I went to the library, to cool off, after which, showing no courage of 
conviction, I activated the damned thing on the phone. To be fair, once I'd 
jumped in it was quite civilised.

So, off I went, to look at Default IOM.
Initial fps was locked at default thirty and showing a smooth 29. With Autogen 
turned up to about three quarters, fps unlocked,it dropped to about 20. At that 
it was quite smooth and useable.

Ronaldsway looks more like Stavanger, set amongst fir trees.
The topography is definitely streets ahead of previous Default versions.
The autogen buildings less repulsive but appearing at altitudes from which 
farmers fled, years ago and to which whennies haven't been drawn. The pylons 
look realistic but one of the great blessings of Island life is their total 
absence from the Manx scene. I guess I'm hair splitting.

I turned on the rain, after landing, and I really do like the effect. An 
outside view showed spray being thrown up by the wheels.
 The outside view of the C172, as in the Demo, was much poorer than in FS9, 
with the go faster lines all with blurred edges.

I was surprised to find that some sections of the coastline, but not all, were 

One of the pleasanter surprises was the unexpected appearance of light 
turbulence, on finals to 08. In fact I suspect that flight behaviour may be 
improved. It was easy to set up the correct speeds then control rate of descent 
on the throttle.

A few things I couldn't get to work. Although it had cleverly picked up my yoke 
and pedals, some of the assignments weren't as I have them set in FS9. When I 
tried to change assignments it wouldn't accept the changes. Any suggestions 

Nor could I, in 2D mode, get any eyepoint changes, from Shift Enter or Shift 

First reaction is that it's a step forward in some areas, whilst unco-operative 
in others.

Gerry Winskill

Mr Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx> wrote :

> I finished moving the fridge more quickly than either of us expected.
> Loading FSX was easier than loading FS9, though it took much longer to
> bootup.
> Any attempts to form an initial unjaundiced opinion, even though Ronaldsway is
> about FS 2000 level, were rapidly sidelined. After about 15 minutes it locked
> up, with a timed out notice. It appears that even though I've paid Â50 to buy
> it, even though I've inserted the correct key code, I don't get access to a
> programme I've paid for, unless I Activate it, on line or by phone. Now it
> seems the USA brains behind this programme are unable to grasp the fact that
> there may well be buyers out there who can't access the internet and, though 
> it
> may be overtaxing their imaginations, don't have access to a phone either.
> Someone on a three month cruise, a crew  member of a nucleur sub, either of
> which may have taken it to load to a laptop, it's not too difficult to dredge
> up examples. I can't connect my FS PC to the net, as yet. I can access the
> 'phone but why the hell should I have to? I was already p....d off at the 
> daily
> messages telling me I have only 5 days left to register two c!
>  opies of XP, both of which I've bought.
>  Bowing to the seemingly inevitable I've tried to register on by 'phone. If
> you're considering this route then beware; user friendly it is not! Make sure
> you have an ample supply of tranquilisers. I didn't so I've aborted the
> attempt.
> Gerry Winskill 
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