[jhb_airlines] FSX; First Reaction

  • From: Mr Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:01:43 +0100

I finished moving the fridge more quickly than either of us expected.
Loading FSX was easier than loading FS9, though it took much longer to bootup.

Any attempts to form an initial unjaundiced opinion, even though Ronaldsway is 
about FS 2000 level, were rapidly sidelined. After about 15 minutes it locked 
up, with a timed out notice. It appears that even though I've paid Â50 to buy 
it, even though I've inserted the correct key code, I don't get access to a 
programme I've paid for, unless I Activate it, on line or by phone. Now it 
seems the USA brains behind this programme are unable to grasp the fact that 
there may well be buyers out there who can't access the internet and, though it 
may be overtaxing their imaginations, don't have access to a phone either. 
Someone on a three month cruise, a crew  member of a nucleur sub, either of 
which may have taken it to load to a laptop, it's not too difficult to dredge 
up examples. I can't connect my FS PC to the net, as yet. I can access the 
'phone but why the hell should I have to? I was already p....d off at the daily 
messages telling me I have only 5 days left to register two c!
 opies of XP, both of which I've bought.
 Bowing to the seemingly inevitable I've tried to register on by 'phone. If 
you're considering this route then beware; user friendly it is not! Make sure 
you have an ample supply of tranquilisers. I didn't so I've aborted the attempt.

Gerry Winskill 

NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net

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