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You're right. This morning it refuses to boot up. Switch on and it makes a brief trip to the DVD drive, then nothing else at all. Pushing the reset button gets it to do only the same. So does switching off the power and starting again. Any rescue ideas gratefully received. Am I right in thinking the most likely candidate is the PSU?

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:
Shh, don't say it out loud!  These things have ears you know, they like to
let you think you're in control when it's them subjugating you to their
will.  If it thinks you're getting what you want it'll seek to remind you
who's boss and we all know what that means - BSOD/CTD or worse, I'll not go

OK, so I need to lay off watching the sci-fi channel.
Seriously though, has your defrag recognised you always load certain files
so finally sorted them to load together?  Either that or instead of shutting
down you went into standby and therefore only had to wake the machine again?


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I've got two machines, this one and the FSX machine. There's quite a difference in the times the two setups take to shut down, On this one it's done and dusted in seconds, whereas the FSX machine can take about a minute. That's having first shut down FSX of course.

Having done something daft earlier, the FSX machine had to be rebooted. Having been dragged away to look at New Tricks, well the well upholstered blond, I didn't fire up FSX. When I shut the system down, just now, it was virtually instantaneous.

Is there something about FSX that ties up resources even after it's been closed?

Gerry Winskill

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