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  • Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 14:40:57 EDT

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Another trick with FS2004 (I don't know if  it works with FSX) is to put your 
XML and bitmap files in a sub folder of  Gauges. So, for your home made dials 
you would create a folder called FTDials  and lop the whole lot in it. 
Now the interesting bit - FS treats a sub  folder in the same way it does a 
CAB file. Therefore, in your Panel.cfg file,  you type the same data for each 
gauge but the value before the ! sign now  refers to your gauge folder rather 
than a CAB file. For example:
Gauge15=FTDials!Percolator,   227,628,79,80
The above line would work equally well for  a gauge called Percolator.XML 
that was either in
a) a CAB file called  FTDials.CAB
b) a Gauges/FTDials sub folder (not a CAB  in sight).

Oh dear, I didn't know that. By sheer coincidence I put all my working XML  
files in a folder within the 2004 gauges file called Digital, and I called my  
CAB file Digital.CAB. I'm assuming it'll read the gauges from the CAB file  
rather than the sub-folder, but I'd better rename it just in case!
Frank T.

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