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Another trick with FS2004 (I don't know if it works with FSX) is to put your
XML and bitmap files in a sub folder of Gauges. So, for your home made dials
you would create a folder called FTDials and lop the whole lot in it. 
Now the interesting bit - FS treats a sub folder in the same way it does a
CAB file. Therefore, in your Panel.cfg file, you type the same data for each
gauge but the value before the ! sign now refers to your gauge folder rather
than a CAB file. For example:
Gauge15=FTDials!Percolator,  227,628,79,80
The above line would work equally well for a gauge called Percolator.XML
that was either in
a) a CAB file called FTDials.CAB
b) a Gauges/FTDials sub folder (not a CAB in sight).

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Hi Bones and Alex,
Thank you for your pointers to XML tutorials, I'll certainly by doing some
One thing I forgot in the excitement of getting the digital compass to work.
Bones mentioned that using .CAB files has the advantage of keeping your
gauges file looking tidier. I was going to say that I guess a corollary of
this is faster load times. My FS2004 gauge directory has 3,824 files, so I
am guessing the system will take less time to load one CAB file than finding
say 50 GAU files from the 3,824 total. That way one CAB file for each
aircraft makes sense, and although there may be gauge duplication the XML
files are not huge.
Frank T.

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