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Try this..
<Gauge Name="Heading digital" Version="1.0">
  <Visible>(A:Circuit general panel on, bool)</Visible>
    <Text X="32" Y="16" Bright="Yes" Length="3" Font="Arial" Color="#00C000"
Adjust="Center" VerticalAdjust="Center" Multiline="No" Fixed="No">
     <String>%(360 (A:Plane heading degrees gyro, degrees) dnor near d 0 ==
<copyright>(c)2003 Nick Pike [n.pike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]</copyright>

That was taken from the c26 panel. 
You don't HAVE to put these in a CAB file - placing the bitmaps and the XML
file in the Gauge folder also works (or in the Panel folder for the aircraft
itself) - but you soon forget what these loose files are from. CAB's just
make it tidier.

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Now wrestling with a digital compass, I think the variable is plane heading
degrees gyro, but it doesn't seems to like the ,radians - will try switching
to ,degrees later when SWMBO gives me a break!
Frank T.

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