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Nice to see that mini panels are now aircraft specific rather than generic.
I presume the default minipanels in the GAU folder will cut in if no
minipanel section is created in the aircraft's panel.cfg file.

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You can edit the MiniPanel, if you want to try it -
1. Navigate to the FSXDemo folder, then SimObjects, then airplanes, then
beech_baron_58, then panel
2. Make a backup copy of panel.cfg
3. Using Notepad, edit panel.cfg as follows -
Under [Window 5], change size_mm=649,118 to size_mm=749,118
Add under gauge05=..........
gauge06=Beech_Baron!Gear Lights,
642,  9
(Align the numbers under the previous lines for clarity
Save your panel.cfg and exit
Next time you view the MiniPanel it will have the gear lights gauge added.
Sorry its not very tidy but I did it to prove you could edit the MiniPanel.
Frank T.

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