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  • Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 21:18:34 +0100

Included in the unacceptable gauges are those for the FS9 Airbus series. A definite deterrent.

I'm baffled that they've issued this Demo. Had it not become available I would probably have bought FSX at launch. Having seen the demo I won't. For the money I was prepared to spend on a system to cope with FSX, I could get one that would have FS9 screaming along. Now didn't I hear exactly that said when FS9 was launched? Must be an echo.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

To be fair XML gauges were supposed to be the norm with FS2004 but as this
was backward compatible with FS2002 designers just kept bunging out GAU
files. It has only been in the last year that I looked at XML seriously and
remade the Tiger Panel - and am still playing with the Aztec rebuild.

XML gauges are mostly contained in a CAB file which collects the XML and
bitmaps into one nice package. Some designers don't have a CAB creator so
you might also spot individual XML files in your Gauges folder together with
a sprinkling of "loose" bitmaps. These would almost be impossible to sort
out and port over to FSX.


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I agree. At first glance the Carribean Autogen looks a bit better. It's not significantly better, though, than some of the third party FS9 additions for that area. Most disturbing was the impact that so little detailed scenery had on framerates. On those settings, in FS9, I'd have been seeing 70 to 100 fps. In the Demo I'm getting an average of 13 !

Panels are an 'orrible disappointment. The Baron's is a straight lift
from FS9, from FS2002. The CRJ200's 2D panel is pathetic. If I'd
downloaded it with a freeware third part addon I'd be off looking around
for a replacement.

Add to that the fact that gauges don't seem to be backwards compatible
and the FS9 Hangar becomes redundant.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I'll look at it a bit more but I'm getting horribly reluctant to fork
out 70 quid on what I've seen so far.


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   Just tried the ATC menu, prettied up but very similar to FS9, the
   taxi guide has changed from magenta to red.

   Frank T.

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