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I was going to say in reply to an earlier post that some functions have been
Normally I hit F10 to bring up the keypress list but that assumes F10 still
works. The full keymapping is in the Settings menu - which I'll have to
tweak because my joystick is doing the wrong things now.
On a quick test flight with the Spitfire I noticed a worrying effect. Every
few seconds the elevators snap fully down and pitch recovery is very
One more observation - I think MS have "borrowed" an effect from MicroFlight
in VC mode. Has anyone noticed that the cockpit view now moves in response
to stick input? This was a feature of MicroFlight designed to give you the
impression of pilot input. Move the stick and the outside view changes but
there is a slight movement in the VC itself - simulating head lag.

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Found the 2D Panel - keep pressing the A key from the VC, eventually you get
Frank T.

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