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4Gb and Vista 64 here.


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I'm using 4G of memory with Vista 32.

Frank T.

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> Three things seem to dominate forum discussions, as the factors most
> affecting FSX performance; Core numbers, Graphics Card Memory and system
> RAM. Of thes, I've already got a decent processor and graphics card bot
> increasing the RAM would involve a change to Viata 64 and that's a step
> too far!
> Since I can't access more RAM I decided to minimise the load on my
> existing 2Gb. I've mentioned this before.
> So, why repeat it today? I've just been taxiing out for takeoff, at TM's
> current project, Greenham Common. I couldn't help noticing that some of
> the new buildigs' textures weren't as sharp as I'd expected. Then I
> spotted that the normally realistic nearby AutoGen trees were a bit
> fuzzy. I tried the effect of reducing AG, switching off AI etc. My
> texture quality sliders are already at max. None of the changes made any
> difference. In this sort of situation the next approach is to think what
> else may have changed, since it was all sharp.
> Over the weekend I've been playing about with a mix and match version of
> Heathrow. I've been doing the same thing at London City. Because I'm
> intending to try a flight to Canada, I've also put in third party fields
> at Keflavik and Toronto City Centre. Last week I started a flight from
> Leeds...... So, I did what I have been supposedly doing for some time; I
> exited FSX and went to the library option. There I worked my way down
> the list, unticking the fields I mentioned, plus a couple of others. It
> doesn't seem logical that Toronto should influence anything in the UK
> but FSX is said to have an illogical liking for loading far away
> sceneries. That leaves me with UK VFR and four of Tony Meredith's plus
> Ted Andrews Kirkbride enabled. Also ticked are all my farm strips, plus
> all the non airfield stuff like UK ANO and refineries.
> Back to the Saved situation at Greenham and everything was now razor
> sharp! It works and it's a zero cost improvement.
> Al I do next time I want to make a routine flight is alter my
> Scenery.cfg file, to change from False to True the relevant lines on my
> intended start and finish airfieds; if they aren't Default fields. I'll
> also change Greenham from True to False.
> The way in which FSX hides the Scenery.cfg file is convoluted, so I have
> a shortcut to it on my Desktop. Open this and it can be edited and
> saved, ready to be effective in its revised form, when next FSX is
> booted up.
> So, if you suffer the blurries and have already used the known tweaks,
> this route is well worth trying.
> Gerry Winskill


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