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If you play with gauge design, the last thing you need is n copies of a gauge to modify, putting them in the gauge folder means only one has to be updated.

Frank T.

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I always move the gauges applicable to a particular aircraft into the
aircraft folder.  It has always seemed nonsensical to me to lump all the
gauges together when these computer boffins INVENTED the concept of
object oriented structures. OK they wanted to save disk space, but speed
is the driver for FS, not storage.

In conjunction with this, I have always removed any aircraft that I never
fly, but this has counterproductive effects if there isn't a lo-res model
in the MTL/VIP files.  Mind you, you'd be hard put to find an aircraft
that ISN'T in the MTL database!


*From:* Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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I think SP1 eliminated one major problem. With the original version
a startup in, say California, would still result in the hefty UK
photoscenery being loaded as well.
In one are I think they've tried to reduce memory load. That's with
aircraft panels, where they have avoided putting all gauge files in
the Root Gauges folder, leaving them in each aircraft's Panel
folder instead. There are a few exceptions to this but not many.

 From the time it takes to load the Aircraft Menu, I've a feeling
they haven't applied the principle uniformly.

Gerry Winskill


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