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I think we all are, not to mention the ever deepening holes in our wallets.

My machine will have to do for the next 3-4 years at least, perhaps a faster video card a bit later, when this one starts slowing it down. The old XP machine is not going to be pensioned off for a while yet, still good as a work horse. Provided I keep them to separate roles, the new machine should be good for quite a few years.

As far a frame rates go, yes FSX is a lot more stable, I have locked down to 50, and turned off the display. Full screen and windowed mode is cracking along now that I have solved the machine problem.

Frank F
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In my view, with machines now available, its not the frame rates which
are critical any more, at FSX if flyable down to about 15.  It is object
load times, so the thing doesn't pause every time it sees any scenery.
That is until FSXI, then we'll all start again, although I for one am
getting tired of the race to beat Microsoft.



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