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That all makes sense because if FSX is predominantly a VC operation you need
to have an easier way of looking at sections of the panel than trying to pan
and zoom from the pilot's eyepoint view.
I wonder why they dropped chase plane mode? I used it a lot as it was the
best view for grabbing aircraft screenshots.

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So, for the S key, FSX defaults to the views that FS9 provided (panel, spot
and tower as before) but no chase plane mode? Should you add one or more
Camera Definition sections you then get a fourth, variable view selectable
from the drop down menu.
The new internal view option can be cycled with the A key and just jumps
between 2D and VC. Should further camera definition positions be defined are
these ALL available with further presses of the A key? 

(a) Yes, no chase plane mode.
(b) Pressing the A key on the C172 cyles around -
2D Cockpit
Virtual Cockpit
Right Seat
Radio Stack
Light Switches
I guess if .004 was added we would expect it next, but as that's a guess
we'd need to add one to try it.
Frank T

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