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Thanks Frank - that makes sense.
So, for the S key, FSX defaults to the views that FS9 provided (panel, spot
and tower as before) but no chase plane mode? Should you add one or more
Camera Definition sections you then get a fourth, variable view selectable
from the drop down menu.
The new internal view option can be cycled with the A key and just jumps
between 2D and VC. Should further camera definition positions be defined are
these ALL available with further presses of the A key? 
I guess this A key option replaces the popup panels in earlier FS versions.
Popups were necessary with a 2D panel but if FSX is mainly VC driven all you
need do is change the eyepoint position - which is what the camera
definition does. I'm guessing here but I presume popups are still available
for users who prefer 2D panels.
I don't see any need for creating any internal camera definition views for
the Tiger as the cockpit is single seat. It might be fun to create one for
the front cockpit but in truth this was only ever used for passengers or by
an instructor - the pilot always sat in the rear cockpit.

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I think you were asking about this so I've had a play as follows -
Starting FSX with the 2D cockpit option -
Tiger - Pressing the S key cycles through -
(a) 2D panel
(b) Spot view from left
(c) Tower View
C172 - Pressing the S key cycles through -
(a) 2D panel
(b) Spot view from left
(c) Tower View
(d) View from right wing
Option (d) may be changed by -
Views - View Mode - Aircraft to
View from right wing (=CameraDefinition.1)
View from left wing (=CameraDefinition.2)
View from tail (=CameraDefinition.2)
I also found -
Views - View Mode - Cockpit -
Virtual Cockpit
Right Seat (=CameraDefinition.001)
Radio Stack (=CameraDefinition.002)
Light Switches (=CameraDefinition.003)
I've only done a couple of short hops in the Tiger so far, but she's as
delightful as ever. Will do more when I've got my gauges organised.
Frank T.

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