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This webpage has nothing to do with Microsoft.

Be sure to backup your files before using any of these modifications!!!!

There is no guarantee that these will work for everyone or won?t do something bad to your computer. Use at your own risk.

Matt Fox


10/15 - Added replacement textures for autogen, terminal buildings, skyscrapers, etc.
10/13 - Added replacement runway and taxiway textures
10/13 - Added link to European Autogen Textures
10/13 - Added batch file to replace generic ground textures.

Slider and General Tips

Defragment your hard drive after installation of FSX. Even if you install it on a recently defragemented hard drive, you will probably find lots of fragmented files after it?s installed.

How to add Pan In Cockpit - See this post at AVSIM.

Future project - If anyone wants to write something up on the sliders, drop me a line.

Autogen Mods

AutogenDescriptions.spb replacement - This file will reduce the complexity of autogen trees. For example, MS default settings might have 8-10 different tree models in a single type of forest. The file will reduce that down to 1-2 types for city areas and 2-3 types for rural areas. Also, this removes bushes from forests, but should leave bushes in place when they are alone. This should let you move autogen slider farther to right with very little noticeable difference in visuals.

Please post comments/questions related to this fix to this thread at AVSIM.


Thanks to P-121C Pilot?s blog for this one.

Add following lines to the [TERRAIN] Section of your FSX.CFG file.


Replace the numbers with another number between 0 and 6000. The lower the number, the fewer autogen objects will get displayed and the greater your frame rates will be. The actual number used by FSX will scale based on your Autogen Density Slider in FSX. In other words, the slider still has an effect, this just changes the scale of the slider. The numbers shown above are the default values.

Discuss this mod at this thread at AVSIM.


Remove generic autogen, but keep custom autogen. Here is a method of disabling the generic autogen buildings (such as small homes) but leaves the trees and custom autogen (such as gas stations and factories). This is kind of the opposite of the rename the default.xml mod below.

Simply rename the RoofDescriptions.spb from the Autogen folder.

Thanks to Gerrit for this one. Discuss at this thread at AVSIM.


Locate the file default.xml in the Autogen folder and rename it to default.bak. This will disable all of the custom autogen buildings such as factories, gas stations, fast food joints and barns. This will let you have more of the normal autogen buildings. Disabling this file will disable a lot of the trees. Future project is to modify the file so that we don?t have to completely disable it.
Texture Replacements

Replacement Autogen Tree Textures - By Mike Kelly. Just unzip to your Scenery/Global/Texture/ folder. These files are 50% the resolution of the originals. Please discuss this file at this thread at AVSIM.

UPDATE - Here are some more tree textures that were missing from Mike?s file. Unzip these into your main FSX/Texture folder. Not the Scenery/Global/Texture folder. These have also been reduced to 1/2 size.


Replacement Cloud Textures - By Mike Kelly. Just unzip to your main Texture/ folder. These files are 50% the resolution of the originals. Please discuss this file at this thread at AVSIM.


Replacement Ground Autogen Textures - Sorry, it might sound a little complicated. If anyone can figure out a better way to do this, then please let me know.

This will convert all the ground textures from 1024×1024 to 512×512. Unless you have a 256 meg or 512 meg video card, you?re probably not going to be able to use the full resolution 1024×1024 textures anyway. The 512×512 textures are 170k each, compared to 682k each for the 1024×1024 textures so this should save a lot of video memory and let you use larger textures for other things. The other bonus from doing this is the initial load of the sim is much quicker and there should be a lot less hard drive activity required when flying around. So here are the steps:

1) Backup your ???\Flight Simulator\Scenery\World\Texture folder. You?ll get 4 gigs back after the conversion is done.

2) Download NConvert at the XnView website. It?s freeware.

3) You must have Imagetool.exe from the FS SDK. If you have Deluxe Edition of FSX, you?ve got it on your DVDs if you install the SDK. Otherwise you can get it from the FS2004 Terrain SDK. I?m pretty sure the FS2004 version of Imagetool.exe will work.

4) Download and unzip this small bat file.

5) Copy ImageTool.exe, nconvert.exe and the bat file into your ???\Flight Simulator\Scenery\World\Texture folder. Note that this will work no matter what folder you installed FSX to.

6) Run the bat file. It will only process the ground textures. It won?t do anything with any of the other textures or any other folders. Feel free to open the bat file with a text editor to see exactly what it?s doing. You?ll see that it uses nconvert.exe to resize each texture then ImageTool.exe to add back in the mip maps and convert to DXT1. Note that this will probably take at least an hour to process everything. There are about 6,700 textures to process.
7) That?s it.

Please post questions/comments regarding this mod to this thread at AVSIM.


Replacement Autogen Building Textures - These two files (BLD and AG) will replace most of your autogen textures with smaller versions. These include all the textures that start with AG and BLD.

BLD files go in the main Flight Simulator\Texture folder. The AG files go in Flight Simulator\Scenery\Global\Texture folder.

Here is a third file that replaces other miscellaneous building textures, such as skyscrapers, building roofs and airport terminals buildings.

Replacement Runway and Taxiway textures - Just unzip this file to your main Flight Simulator\Texture folder.


Replacement Water Textures - Unzip to Flight Simulator\Scenery\World\Texture folder

Misc. CFG File Edits

Add the following to the [MAIN] Section of your FSX.CFG file


Replace the ?? with a number between 0 and 1. This controls how much time the processor spends on scenery. Bigger number means more time spent on scenery and less FPS. Smaller number means less time on scenery and more FPS. Recommended value is .33. Not sure, but should probably choose numbers that are easily divisible into 1, such as .25, .33, .5.


Turn off the red warning text message for brakes, pause, etc. Look for these lines in FSX.cfg and change True to False
Vehicle Traffic Mods

Not yet started - It should be possible to lower the variety of vehicles on the roadways. So instead of having 50 different models of cars and trucks, maybe we just have 20. Might be worth it if it allows us to increase the volume of traffic. Also, any modelers out there that want to check and see how frame rate friendly the default truck and car models are? Should be pretty easy to create some replacement models that are more frame rate friendly and get rid of bump and specular textures. Also, looks like autogen vehicle traffic has sound files. Not sure that?s really necessary.

Air Traffic Modification

I was thinking it might be nice to have a simple AI Traffic mod that just replaces the default AI Aircraft models with some more frame rate friendly versions from AIA, etc. They would just use the default flight plans until we start seeing specially designed flightplans for FSX.
Any other ideas out there?????


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