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Returning to FS9, later, I tried the PAD version. I'd been put off using that before by the overcomplexity of its panel options. Using my EMB170 panel, instead, I did a couple of hours in it and the AOA feature isn't present with this aircraft. Again it's a touch overpowered, unless its power is geared to shorter runway takeoffs and it will, indeed, cruise at M 0.81 with less than 70% thrust. Must read the published flight data.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

As lift varies with the square of the speed AoA shouldn't alter
significantly over a relatively small speed range such as when on final
approach. The CRJ900 is small winged so it probably has a high AoA anyway -
but this shouldn't develop to silly levels.

Flaps make far more difference and should bring the nose down a lot. If the
AoA remains excessive with full flap down then something isn't quite right.
Either the flap's lift factor isn't high enough or the wing lift is too low
in the first place.

There are lots of shots of landing CRJ900's on airliners.net - I can't say
the AoA looked really bad on any of them. I'll have another look though.


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Putting prejudice on one side, the CRJ900 is worth trying. A bit
overpowered but that's easy to change.
The only down side is the high angle of attack, at speed on the ILS. Big
pitch changes as speed is varied. I guess it comes with the rearward
wing config but has anyone travelled in the real thing and been aware of

Off to try to find one for FS9.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

It seems to be low on the learning curve that some FSX addons
designers find themselves. Just tried a Posky A333. Don't ask me why,
I never learn and can't remember the last of their offerings that
looked and worked OK.
Off the ground and it soon became apparent that, though using the
Default A321 panel, the autopilok wasn't behaving. Selecting Heading
Hold produced just a wing leveller effect. All heading changes had to
be flown manually. Just thirty DME from Wallasey and FSX did a phone
home exit. I'm convinced some aircraft designers just look at the
exterior appearance and don't fly the things.

Off to try their CRJ900. This man's a fool! But it's this or listen to
exclamations about Come Dancing.

Gerry Winskill

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