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  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 12:33:55 +0100

In among the terrain tools.  Don't ask me the path, I don't have FSX, I
located it on a neighbours machine and e-mailed it to myself before passing
it on.
I think the scenery developers are going to have a feild day with the SDK.
They've included the tools to do everything from adjust mesh to animate AI
objects.  I couldn't see references to the underlying graphics formats but
I'm sure they are there somewhere.  I have to admit, it's frustrating having
to play with it courtesy of a neighbour.  He's not really a flight simmer
though, he's a bit of a buy and try everything sort of guy and I'm usually
called in to sort out the mess from his latest software disasters.  If I
keep my fingers crossed, I may end up buying FSX off him for £10-20.

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Having pestered my neighbour for an hour earlier, FSX SDK DOES include
ImageTool.exe.  It's buried but I've attached it here.


Well done Paul, I couldn't find it, where is it hiding?
Frank T.

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