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The idea of locking down, is more ,I think, to do with MP sessions. The amount of data that is sent around the network in packets, needs to be kept down, to ensure that all players get an equal amount of low volume data. And FR data is included.

Server lag, aircraft jumping around etc, is the bane of MP sessions.

whether the new version of FSX overcomes this, has yet to be seen.

And yes, with a flight group locking down, it seems to make a difference.

For solo flying, let it rip.


Bones wrote:
I don't agree with this idea of locking down FS to a theoretical 27.7 fps. I ran tests of this back in FS4 days and found that the frame rate isn't just about screen refreshes but actual sim performance too. Flight performance calculations limited to 27 per second make the aircraft behave very poorly compared to higher values. Once you get up to 75 or more you can see a marked difference in how the aircraft behaves - it is so much more fluid. Admittedly this has little value when poling a big tin bird around on autopilot all the time but it would be a serious shortcoming in aerobatics with a highly agile aircraft.
I also hate to say this but I bin a lot of aviation charts and data here too. Having got the latest half mil (and a good few quarter mil too) the last lot went to a car boot sale. Most of the AERAD supplements go in the bin too as they are not worth hanging on to. Truth is that printed stuff goes out of date faster than the data we have in FS and most isn't worth keeping. If FSNav could be run as a stand alone application I would say that no printed data would be worth having.
Having said that I've just got the latest Bottlang UK and Ireland airfield plates for the VFR manual and so the spares will be kicking around for a few days. Note that these are not IFR pages so no instrument procedures are included - it is pure VFR flying stuff. An example of a plate is here -
The pages would be loose as I don't have a spare binder. Pay the postage and anyone is welcome to them - just send me an email off list.

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    Yes indeed it does, however as I have my FPS set locked at 25 as
    long as I'm getting that I'm not really going to turn anything
    off. I seem to recall 27.7 fps being proven as the highest the
    human eye can process so anything above that is wasted. Not sure
    on that exact figure.

    Its always worth keeping an eye on eBay for Half Mil charts. I
    bought the full UK pack, just expired, for 9.99, seems quite
    common for these to come up. I've got a couple over the past years.

    Anyway, I've given up for the evening now, had a really good
    afternoon with FSX. (Well actually I spent half an hour out in the
    english channel in the speed boat until a loose drag net found its
    way around my prop and put an end to that)

    Its just been a brilliant surprise how its all worked. I've had so
    many problems with FS9 blurred textures recently and other things,
    its just refreshing to have it all working, and performance
    improved in this new platform.


franklyn fisher wrote:

    I note you have AI aircraft turned full on, suggest you turn it
    down or off, you should see a marked improvement. works in FS9

    BTW, VFR aeronautical charts cost a lot more than £1.50, nearer
    £13.00(for the 1:500 000) I have the South and North, but have as
    yet to get the Scottish. Jeppesen cross border charts (1:500 000)
    £10.00 (as per my TransAir catalouge).

Alex - Reheat.org wrote:
    Hi Frank,

    My only changes from the default currently are:

    Dynamic Scenery slider set one notch down from default
    "Aircraft casts shadows on self" turned off
    AI Turned up to 100%
    Weather refresh rate turned down one notch from default
    Resolution set to 32 bit instead of 16.
    Scenery Mesh turned up one notch from default.

    Thats about it I think. There really aren't that many problems.
    In fact I can't replicate the problem displayed at Teeside! I've
    tried everything. must be a unique combination of settings.

    And those of you FS Commander FsNAV users should spend £1.50 on
    a map and be real men ;)

    Its all about tweaking i think.


franklyn fisher wrote:
    How about a rundown on what you changed, and it's effect.
    So far, the biggest criticism, has been about the scenery, or
    rather the bugged version, the scenery designers are going to
    have a big headache sorting that out.
    That and FSNav/FSCommander and FSUPIC, will those with the
    previous paid versions have to pay again?
    Not worried too much about machine spec. But having seen those
    screen shots, makes me rather dubious.

Alex - Reheat.org wrote:
    Ok, this has indeed been a strange day

    Started out by buying FSX, getting home, installing and being
    disappointed, very much so infact. The FPS I was getting
    really  left me feeling let down. 2 hours of playing however
    sorted this. One setting changed at a time, restart and see if
    it helps.

    I now have a hard time to get the FPS to go below 20FPS.

    My FSX is now vastly outperforming FS9 by a silly amount, it
    looks better acts better and is more stable. 70% of the
    default aircraft are payware quality. The UK Mesh really is
    rather good and at default settings is just as good as most
    payware mesh packages. The UK Autumn textures really are awful
    however, flick it on to summer, and all is good.

    I'm going to spend tomorrow porting all of my XML Paneled
    (SP?!) aircraft over and I really think that, from now on, I
    am going to be doing 80% of my flying on here.

    I think I allowed myself to be poisoned by all the naysayers,
    it really isn't bad. Its just as good as FS9 + Addons straight
    out of the box.

    My machine is most certainly middle of the road these days,
    please don't not buy it because you don't think it will run.
    It really will. Right now I'm speaking to someone running it
    on a 1.8ghz PIII getting 15FPS quite comfortably. Its most
    definitely usable an will certainly give you a better
    experience than FS9 is currently.

A rather surprised Alex

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