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As with all previous versions of FS the ideal PC spec isn't available yet.
The optimum PC/CPU/Video card for running FS seems to appear about nine
months after FS is launched.


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I just hope that the Guri out there will be able to come up with a spec
for the "Ideal" FSX machine, sometime between now and November. Off to
buy a piggy bank.

Gerry Winskill

Alex Barrett wrote:

>One of the recent releases on Avsim said that FSX was due to be
>released worldwide on the same day in November 2006!!
>The airfield maps are a brilliant addition - help so much when on the
>Both pilots able to interact during the multiplayer sessions, however
>only one will be able to work at a time. It will be a "you have
>control/I have control" scenario with the controls passed by pressing
>Which, in my opinion, is probably quite a reasonable way of doing it.
>Just like while under instruction - which is what it is meant for.
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>>The official launch date is "holiday season 2006" which most people
>>take to mean pre-Christmas. In FSNet the
>>non-handling pilot can change things via the keyboard (including changing
power setting) but his yoke is disabled. In
>>FSX it looks as if the second pilot may well be just an onlooker That will
not be good enough, I agree. I'll have to
>>read the blurb more carefully.  I wonder if there is a forum for
complaints!  Having more tna one version is a good
>>idea, but they don't go the whole hog.  There should be a (cheaper)
"Hobbyists version" which is a bare bones job with a
>>comprehensive treatise on adding 3rd party material.
>>I am fortunate in that a PC upgrade for my work is coming up the
>>priority list, and should coincide with Christmas.  I
>>have already decided I am going to have a specialist FS machine built,
with a small partition for my work <grin>

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