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After a few failures I tend not to trust drives any more. That is why I now
buy in pairs and (more recently) have an external to back up to. I thought
that a pair of drives would be safer..

About three years back I had both hard drives fail together. Both died
without warning and I lost a huge amount of information - including most of
my FS design work and tools. I managed to get the Tiger Moth files back but
that is the reason why I've not touched scenery design since..


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>I've had drives last five years and
> others
> that only lasted a week but, generally, I don't keep them for more
> than two
> years.
> bones

Blimey!  I have never had a HD failure in over 20 years - but then I tend to
replace my PCs every 3-4 years. The oldest PC I am currently running (but
only for the odd experiment nowadays) is 6 years old.  However I am paranoid
about backups and always have 2 mirrored PCs plus 2 others with the same but
older data, plus CDds and floppies going way back.

My customers sometimes phone me "Have you still got that job you did for us
in 1999? We are looking for a file called xxxxx.yyy" "Certainly - I'll email
it to you later today".

I'm getting a minor reputation. <g>

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