[jhb_airlines] FSPPL Training Progress

  • From: pdodds@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Dodds)
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 10:02 +0100 (BST)

I thought it would be useful to update everyone on the progress 
of this scheme.

Tom Smith and I have had 4 sessions now, although they have been 
dogged by connection & firewall problems and, as a separate 
problem, trying to get FSNet to work reliably.

At first we used the FS Instructor mode on a peer to peer 
connection, and it took a week for me to work out how to get my 
firewall to let anybody in - even my own laptop coming in from a 
dial-up connection failed at first.

Once that was sorted we had two very successful sessions, and 
then Frank Fisher introduced us to FSNet.  This is going to 
revolutionise multipilot operations, but it is still very flakey 
and we have struggled to get it to work reliably.  When it has 
worked, it worked beautifully, and Frank and I on a test session 
did a real world type lesson.  I flew a circuit while Frank 
watched, effectively in the same aircraft.  I explained what was 
required, when and how to achieve it, then Frank flew the circuit 
while I watched and commented on his actions. Tom and Frank have 
also had a very successful session with FSNet.

However, subsequent attempts on the same evening failed, and it 
was because Tom tried to join the session.  Something between the 
three of us was baulking and it just wouldn't let him in.  We 
tried the same thing using Frank's FSHost and also the Shetland 
Flyer host, but it wouldn't allow three players in the session.

Last night, trying again to resolve this, I found that I couldn't 
get onto the Shetland Flyer server via my router and firewall, 
but I could on my laptop via dial up, with Windows firewall 
enabled.  Tom had this problem at one time, until Rory changed 
something at his end, according to Tom. I did manage to get a 
configuration set up in my firewall which let Tom and my laptop 
in - 3 way connection for the first time. But when we tried to 
start FSNet, Toms FSimulator bombed out.  By the time we had 
attempted to get back to where we were, it was getting too late 
to do anything. As Tom remarked, you need an awful lot of 
patience in this job!

We will beat this gremlin, but if anyone has any ideas how to set 
up my Zyxel Prestige 660H router to reliably let in FS 
multiplayers I would be grateful.  It seems at the moment I have 
to either open it up to the world, which I'm not prepared to do, 
(it earns me my daily bread) or set a rule for each player that 
wants to join.  I don't understand networking at all well, the 
Zyxel is very techie, and the help is useless.  Frank mentioned 
switching on (or off - can't remember) the DMZ - but my router 
has no such menu option or phrase anywhere in its config system, 
although Tom's router has such an option.

Sorry for the long message - its a long problem <g>, but that's 
where we at are this minute.


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