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I know it was meant to be funny but that Hitler skit Alex posted the other
day was alarmingly true in what FSX won't be able to do - and you'll need a
fast computer to be able to see what your missing. <g>

It's not going to be on my need to buy list this year. In fact I see some
similar parallels to FS2000 here in that it has new features which are a big
step forward but FS2000 was also plagued with very poor performance - FS2002
actually ran faster.


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Just got this from the FSUG list.

   I've just had a reply from Helge to my question about FSNav and FSX. Here

is his reply in full...

      I have only one answer:
      The FSNavigator team creates FSNavigator version 5 for FS10.

      So there you have it from the horse's mouth. There will be a new
version of FSNav and the fact that it's 5.0 and not 4.8 hopefully means
there might be some new features but we'll just have to wait for that

Further investigation required.

Frank F

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