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ASV also gives:

KGLS 231852Z AUTO 36025G32KT 10SM BKN048 30/22 A2959 RMK AO2 PK WND
01033/1835 SLP021 T03000222

but the TAF is a bit different <vbg> :

KGLS 231745Z 231818 36024G37KT P6SM VCSH FEW027CB SCT080 OVC250 FM2100
36030G45KT 5SM -SHRA SCT024CB BKN070 OVC250 FM0200 36051G69KT 3SM TSRA SQ
BKN022CB BKN070 OVC200 FM0600 35056G73KT 1SM TSRA SQ BR OVC011CB


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Having finished one flight in Aruba, I immediately set off for
Galveston, to see whether FSMeteo would pick up the hurricane. It
didn't! With about 40dme to Galveston it was showing a benevolent 16
knots. Some cloud cover but not spectacular. I switched to FS9's
RealWeather, to see how that fared. Not much better. Winds were a more
realistic 44 kts, from dead abeam, but this dropped to 21 on finals.
Worse, whenever I run RealWeather I get pauses every 15 seconds. I
thought it must be the (pretty basic) scenery, 'til I recalled this
weather always has that effect on my setup.

I think someone has previously commented that FSMeteo is nowhere near so
accurate in the USA as in Europe.

Gerry Winskill

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