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If the disk gets damaged you just get another from MS - several users have
done this without any problem.

You may be using the patches without any problem in that FS will run but MS
rewrote the FS9.exe file significantly in the 9.1 patch. The FS9 No-CD patch
is just a hack into the fs9.exe file so, with the original patch, you are
effectively running FS9 and not FS9.1. This was discussed at great length on
AVSIM just after 9.1 was released.


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If your cd drives decides to start ruining disks, you have had it.

I have used the patch since FS9 was released, with no problems whatsoever.

I find the the original patch and the updated patch, works just as well,
either way.

But I have heard that people, have had problems with both, depends on your
system and setup, I suppose.

The trick, is to save the original to a safe place, just in case.

No harm in trying, may even boost your system a tad, not having to read that



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