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Having the disc, check the version number.  The latest is 7.7 with Patch 3
(Build 191106).  The updates add North Atlantic and Pacific Tracks to the
routing options as well as direct online support for VATSim and IVAO
(including weather).  If you install AIBridge, you can use it with in Pilot

The biggest disappiontment you'll have is the lack of SID's and STAR's but
if you using it in conjuction with charts this is less problematic, simply
route from the SID exit point and STAR entry.


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I'm just having a first run with FSC. One of the differences from FSNav
that strikes me is that where only one runway heading is ILS equipped
then this, unlike FSNav, is reflected in the display.
I've been caught out quite a few times looking for a non existant ILS,
only to be turned onto a reciprocal heading when the Localiser is captured.

Gerry Winskill

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